5G network is so fast, do you need WIFI in the future?

2019-08-10 19:30 小谷

What is the main difference between 5G mobile network and WIFI?

I think everyone knows that WIFI is on a monthly basis, and you are free to use your data within a month. It is still calculated on a monthly basis, and 5G data on mobile phones is calculated based on usage, so if it is calculated on tariffs , Everyone is still willing to use WIFI,

The vision of 3GPP is to replace routers. In China, if this wish is realized, it will need to wait for further 5G coverage. For the time being, there are still many problems to be solved in the 5G alternative router + wifi combination. Beijing Broadband has compiled some relevant information, and let us know about 5G network related issues.

5G coverage issues

The coverage of 5G is a big problem. In the initial 5G stage, household-level terminals were also first introduced. 5GCPE is the first product to replace fiber-based homes.

It can be seen that major operators and equipment vendors are the first to launch 5G home broadband services. However, as far as the early stage of 5G is concerned, because the core network cannot be clouded in a short period of time, and the antenna technology cannot be satisfied, in the early stage of 5G, areas with good coverage can only provide download speeds of 1.3-2Gbps, 175-370M Upstream speed, this rate is more difficult to completely defeat the 1G-level optical fiber that has already begun to be promoted, and already has a mature 10GGPON business.

The problem of 5G base station entering the cell

Now the Chinese people's fear of radiation is too ingrained, and the biggest problem that 5G wants to replace fiber is that the base station enters the cell, or even enters the home. If this problem cannot be solved, 5G replacing fiber is a joke.

In addition, since 5G wants to replace wifi as the main access method for homes, 5G tariff issues and 5G terminal issues, these two places also need to be resolved.

After all, the price of home broadband is already very low. If 5G replaces optical fiber, then all equipment in the family needs to replace equipment that supports 5G networks. The development of these terminals, the cost of access, the price of the terminal, and many more The problem needs to be solved.

All in all, 5G replaces routers, there is such a possibility, but there are still a lot of problems to be solved, at least for a long time.

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