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Foshan Hong'an Valley Electronics Co., Ltd. is positioned to be the best mobile phone signal amplifier for customers. The company is a mobile phone signal amplifier and signal booster production, research and development, sales, installation services companies. The company specializes in providing GSM, WCDA and CDMA, LTE and other micro-relay equipment for China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom for major integrators and contractors. Leading the development of automatic level control system, the amplifier has the advantages of high gain, low radiation, no interference, low power consumption.

Hongan Valley always adheres to the quality first product concept and service-oriented operation concept. It has won the recognition of many brands with leading technology, exquisite craftsmanship, standardized scientific management and high-quality products, including: China Southern Power Grid , Huawei, China Ping An, China Life, etc. First-class top customers, in the future, Red Coast Valley will provide better products and services with a more rigorous attitude. The light of Red Coast Valley will add more brilliance to more customers.

Technology, brand, innovation, quality and service support the rapid development of Foshan Red Coast Valley Electronics Co., Ltd., with a vision of “creating green for the environment, creating value for customers, creating benefits for employees and creating prosperity for the society”, Foshan City All members of Red Coast Valley Electronics Co., Ltd. will, as always, do their best to achieve the best, promote green and environmentally friendly new life advocates around the world, and create an exciting new future for the world's communication industry!

Foshan Hong'an Valley Electronics Co., Ltd.'s mobile phone signal amplifier products are widely used in homes, hotels, mountainous areas, KTV, tunnel mining areas, elevators, basements, ships, shopping malls, schools and offices, as well as warehouses, various types of projects.

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