Project repeater operation**nd maintenance provider —— Factory strength high-quality material selection, imported Qualcomm chips from the United States,
Nokia communication technology from Finland, the product library of shortlisted operators, state-owned enterprises, large enterprises ready-to-use products
Customer praise
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National patent
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Foshan Red Bank Valley Electronics Co., Ltd. focuses on the development, production, sales, maintenance**nd operation of mobile phone signal communication system, mobile phone signal coverage, mobile phone signal shielding, WIFI signal**mplification, weak signal improvement, etc. (design, construction) high-tech enterprises, the company has passed ISO9001:2015 quality system certification, with**n independent legal entity. The company**dhere to the people-oriented, scientific**nd technological innovation**s the guide, vigorously develop electronic technology, has developed more than 10 kinds of operator public network signal 2345G electronic products. Including home, engineering mobile phone signal**mplifier models, has been the majority of customers praise
Product display —— Specializing in the development, production, sales, maintenance**nd service of communication electronics**nd electrical products,
mobile phone signal communication coverage, weak signal solutions, WIFI signal**mplification, to undertake operator signal engineering construction**nd management
Project list —— It provides high-quality technical hardware support for major state-owned enterprises**nd large enterprises,**nd has been unanimously praised
China Railway 12th Bureau - Qingyunshan Tunnel project
Xiamen Road Bridge - Haicang high-speed tunnel project
Jiangxi Traffic Engineering Group - Chengkai Expressway
Southern Power Grid - Shantou power supply Bureau
Guangzhou Kasma -**uto parts factory
Hainan Yusheng - Green hanging Garden basement project
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